Our Projects


Diversity and functional innovation echoes through every project at Magellan Space.

From GNSS surveys and road construction to multi-storey commercial developments, Magellan Space strives to be industry forward thinkers in engineering surveying and design. Our diverse skill set is displayed through our comprehensive list of achievements, including the University of Queensland, Student 1, Hotel Adina and the FV No.1.

Considered the most important time in a projects life, the design process is where your vision become lines and numbers, which can translate into a reality. From designing hospitality, educational, residential, retail & art installations, to planning a commercial project, we ensure our commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability runs throughout.

Each project is unique as the customer we collaborate with and knowledge as diverse as our project portfolio. We give life to exterior & interior spaces, add value to commercial projects and always strive to bring sustainability into design.