Renowned for our dependability in delivering precise, comprehensive and accurate surveys, Magellan Space are industry leaders in the field of engineering surveying. Utilising state of the art equipment and the latest software, our highly qualified team ensure all requirements of your projects are met to the highest standard. Surveying is an integral component in any successful project, as it is an integral part of our company.We believe well-being exists through the space around us.

Through a space or form that is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also nourishing to the soul. Where colour and shape work harmoniously with nature. Well-being is the future, where the smallest of actions can resonate towards the greater good. With or without us, the future will exist, it’s up to us to create a future where we belong. From our team of innovative surveyors to creative designers, we work to make this future a reality.



The development of technology in surveying has revolutionised the industry, allowing engineers to accurately map and calculate any potential design issues in civil construction jobs or inspect and solve problems from previous structures. Our team of specialists utilise the latest technology and work along side designers in the same digital platform, allowing you to see a visual representation of your project.



Specialists in providing accurate and detailed information, Magellan Space pride themselves in the diverse range of surveying services offered, including land surveys. From residential property to large development sites, our team ensure your project begins in the right direction.



BIM or Building Information Modelling is the marriage of all departments in the construction industry. It’s a platform that is revolutionising construction as we know it. A unified platform that everyone – builders, designers, architects, engineers, surveyors and even the clients – can work on, streamlining the planning process and reducing the risk of errors.